Nurse Planning and Assignment

UT Arlington Faculty: Jay Rosenberger, Victoria Chen
Collaborators: Deborah Behan, Seoung Bum Kim
Ph.D. Students: Prattana Punnakitikashem (2007), Duraikannan Sundaramoorthi (2007)

Funding: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2005-07
Topics: Simulation of Nurse Activity (SimNA), Stochastic optimization of nurse assignment.

Description: Nurse planning seeks to alleviate the serious shortage of nurses in today’s health care system. One way to reduce the burden of the shortage is to minimize excess workload for nurses by assigning balanced patient loads. Prior to a nurse shift, a charge nurse assigns nurses to patients in the hospital unit. Because some patients require more care than others, imbalances in an assignment can occur. Minimizing excess workload will reduce these imbalances and enable nurses to meet their patients’ needs and improve care. The COSMOS collaboration includes a Northeast Texas hospital to develop a stochastic programming model and a simulation model of nurse assignment.