Statistical Process Monitoring

UT Arlington Faculty:Victoria Chen
Collaborators: Seoung Bum Kim, Kwok Tsui, Li Zeng, Clint Carter
Ph.D. Students:Terrence Murphy (Georgia Tech 2004), Thuntee Sukchotrat (2008), Panitarn Chongfuangprinya (2009), Weerawat Jitpitaklert (2009), Poovich Phaladiganon (2012), Smriti Neogi (2014), Kin Ming Kam (2014)

Funding: Williams-Pyro 2007, Luminant Power 2007-10
Topics: Hotelling’s T2 statistic, One-class classification, Supervised control charts.

Description: Manufacturing systems have hundreds of processes that require monitoring, and statistical process control is a well-known tool used for properly maintaining processes. However, real world processes often do not follow the assumptions underlying traditional methods, and many process are complex, involving multiple stages. The need for practical methods that can handle large and complex systems still exists. For multivariate monitoring, COSMOS has developed methods that combine data mining with statistical process control to enable efficient and effective monitoring of a large number of correlated process variables. For multi-stage processes, COSMOS has developed systematic methodologies through the integration of advanced statistical techniques in graphical models and engineering insights to the processes.

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