Sustainability and Smart Cities

UT Arlington Faculty: Victoria Chen, Bill Corley, Jay Rosenberger, Shouyi Wang, Ardeshir Anjomani, Arpita Bhatt, Caroline Krejci, Atefe Makhmalbaf, Melanie Sattler, Kate Hyun
Ph.D. Students:Surachai Charoensri (2011), Pin Kung (2012), Piyush Kumar (2013), John Dickson (2014), Shirish Rao (2021), Bahareh, Nasirian (2023), Raziye Aghapour, Soulmaz Rahman Mohammadpour, Jaivardhan Sood
Middle/High School Teachers: Jocelyn Sigler, Rahsirearl Smalls, Laura Thomason, James Hovey

Funding: U.S. EPA 2017-18, IRP 2018-19, CTEDD 2019-22, NSF RET 2021-25
Topics:Sustainability assessment, Urban planning, Multi-objective optimization, Design and analysis of computer experiments, Multi-layer decision-making

Description: Sustainability assessment requires consideration of the economic, environmental, and societal impacts of decisions, a.k.a., “people, planet, profit” (, 2011).  In achieving more sustainable solutions, there is a need for mathematically rigorous, flexible, and computationally-practical methods for assessing multiple performance goals.  In many domains, there exist computer models or software tools for studying and assessing decisions.  Our research takes advantage of these existing knowledge tools and integrates optimization with design and analysis of computer experiments to enable sustainability assessment of decisions.

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