Water Supply

UT Arlington Faculty: Victoria Chen, Jay Rosenberger, Mohsen Shahandashti, Yu Zhang
Collaborators:Glenn Clingenpeel
Ph.D. Students: Azam Boskabadi, Srividya Sekar

Funding:Trinity River Authority 2017, NSF 2019-22
Topics: water reservoirs, Water pipe networks, Resilient infrastructures

Description: A key sustainability challenge in today’s society is the availability of water. Regions that experience drought conditions must constantly plan ahead by maintaining water reservoirs and assessing the adequacy of the water supply system under increasing demand for water. Our research considers the dynamics due to rainfall and demand to assess possible conversion of flood storage for the water supply. In addition, the water pipe infrastructure must be maintained to ensure proper delivery of water with minimal loss or contamination. Resilient infrastructures seek methods that mitigate damage due to disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. In the case of the water pipe infrastructure, we are developing methods to optimize the rehabilitation of pipe segments, so as to enhance the robustness of the water pipe network.

  • Cervellera, C., V. C. P. Chen, and A. Wen (2006).  “Optimization of a Large-Scale Water Reservoir Network by Stochastic Dynamic Programming with Efficient State Space Discretization.”  European Journal of Operational Research, 171, pp. 1139–1151.  COSMOS Technical Report 04-04.